The changes and transitions that take place within an artist’s life are worth documenting. The monograph has become synonymous with the study of an artist’s life along with his or her oeuvre. Book publishers use the term “artist monograph” to indicate books dealing with a single artist, as opposed to broader surveys of art subjects. Art Historians are asked to write essays about the artists and their works to be published inside the book. The publication also may have a strong effect on the value of an artist’s work. It leaves a legacy, a lasting account of their story and their life’s work. Future generations will be able to read about them and see photos of their works. It will remain in libraries, universities and museums as a reference tool. If nothing else, the monograph outlives the artist, and their works transcend the limitations of time and space.

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my hyperrealist life and legacy

In this intimate, honest memoir, I aim to educate my readers about my successes and my journey to survive the odds. Through balance and perseverance, I have learned how to become successful, follow their dreams, and live a rewarding life. This updated version brings my readers to 2022 and tells more details that I didn’t say in the first version.

Whether by finding new work, achieving financial success, or contemplating failure, fear has a special place in our emotional lives. By compulsion, our minds are designed to let fear in; without it, we would never survive. But how does a person fulfill their goals and keep anxiety away? Conquering fear is about self-awareness and understanding our inner strengths. Through the course of my life, I’ve learned how to handle adversity. You can read what I have done to become successful and happy.

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L’EREDITÀ DI UNA VITA IPERREALISTA di Carole A. Feuerman racconta una storia di resilienza e di lotta con sé stessi e con il mondo esterno per raggiungere l’impossibile. Basato sulla storia vera di Carole, descrive con vivida precisione gli alti e i bassi del suo viaggio verso il successo e come, nel corso della sua vita, l’arte sia sempre stata la sua salvezza.

I percorsi e le transizioni che avvengono nella vita degli artisti meritano di essere raccontati. I saggi di storia dell’arte parlano degli artisti e delle loro opere ma non possono cogliere i conflitti, le contraddizioni e le svolte esistenziali nelle loro vite personali. Le autobiografie invece lo fanno e ci raccontano le loro storie, così come le hanno vissute.


Gamaliel Gomez

Davvero un gran bel libro!

Questo libro di Carole Feuerman era in uscita da tempo. Ho aspettato a lungo un libro che raccontasse tutto di lei con le sue stesse parole. Sembra ti stia parlando faccia a faccia.

Barbara Peters


Una storia da raccontare. Scrive come se la stesse narrando. Il libro è reale e le immagini di repertorio ne aumentano il senso di realtà, permettendoci di ripercorrere la sua vita in diverse fasi. È una storia meravigliosa dei suoi alti e bassi esistenziali e del suo viaggio verso traguardi straordinari.

Ruben Salerno

(Curatore della traduzione italiana)

Quando mi ha affidato il suo testo, conoscevo solo le opere di Carole. Da allora ci siamo incontrati di persona una sola volta, mesi dopo, ma è stato come se fossimo amici da sempre. Le grandi storie si distinguono per la capacità di creare empatia con il lettore. Lavorando sul libro di Carole, ho sofferto, gioito, amato insieme a lei, così il suo racconto è diventato anche il mio.

Carole A. Feuermann è riconosciuta come una delle scultrici iperrealiste più rinomate, influenti e popolari al mondo.

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My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy – Paperback Signed Copy, $19.99

This book dives deep into my experiences as a woman artist. It highlights my struggles to survive the odds through balance, perseverance, and independence on my journey to fulfilling my true calling. Art has always been my saving grace.

“This book intends to educate the readers about one woman’s success story and her tenacious journey to survive the odds through balance, perseverance, and independence. Her thought-provoking stories stimulate the readers to overcome their fears and live a satisfying life. Whether by finding new work, achieving financial success, or contemplating failure, fear has a special place in our emotional life. By compulsion, our minds are designed to let fear in; without it, we’d never survive. But how do we keep suspicion away from restricting our ability to fulfill our goals? Conquering fear is about self-awareness and understanding our inner strengths–often in the face of overcoming all the odds in life. We can practice and cultivate these personality traits, and thankfully, it even gets easier over time. Grab your copies now!”

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Carole A. Feuerman: 50 Years of Looking Good, $65.00

Published by Scheidegger & Spiess

Edited by John T. Spike
Hardback, approx. 192 pages, 119 color illustrations 24 Å~ 30 cm (9. Å~ 11. in)
978-3-85881-844-7 English
JANUARY 2020 (Europe)
MARCH 2020 (US)
The most comprehensive monograph to date on major American artist Carole A. Feuerman, a pioneer of hyperrealism in sculpture lavishly illustrated and covering Feuerman’s entire career spanning five decades, featuring more than 200 works Carole A. Feuerman is celebrated as a pioneer and one of America’s major pioneers of Hyperrealism in sculpture, alongside Duane Hanson and John De Andrea. Born 1945 and educated in New York and Philadelphia, she began as an illustrator before turning to sculpture in the 1970s, soon gaining much recognition and early success. Her work has been displayed in exhibitions at private galleries and public museums, as well as at major art fairs, in America, Europe, and Asia. Over five decades, Feuerman has created visual manifestations of stories telling of strength, survival, and balance. Her subject matter is the human figure, most often a woman in an introspective moment of exuberant self-consciousness shaded by erotic lassitude. Feuerman’s works represent a female state of mind rather than an alluring body meant to attract the male gaze. They suggest that women look at themselves differently from men looking at them, that a woman is more innately creative than a man. This book is the most comprehensive survey of Feuerman’s oeuvre to date. Lavishly illustrated in color throughout, it demonstrates the variety of materials and media she uses and highlights the specific qualities of her figures.
John T. Spike is an American-born distinguished art historian, curator, author, and lecturer specializing in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art, and an eminent critic of contemporary art. Additional essays by John Yau and Claudia Moscovici.

Carole A. Feuerman SWIMMERS

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my hyperrealist life and legacy

The world knows Carole A. Feuerman for the amazing sculptor she is, but few come to know about her behind the scenes. This book will take readers to a journey of inspiration, determination, and faith that Carole underwent to reach where she is today.

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By Author Carole Feuerman

Audio Book $29.99
My hyperrealist life and legacy book