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Inspiration is regarded as one of the most important phenomena in art learning and creation. We all know that art can just as easily inspire people and facilitate creative thought-process. It can also arouse art-making in other individuals as well. Inspiration in art-making comes from the appreciation of the art itself. At their young age, many artists have known to have visited different museums and schools to view different types of art and have been inspired by what they saw.

Inspiration for Art and its Creations

For some artists, they have described receiving their inspiration from their own previous work. Many of them consider that inspiration comes from a higher power and that is the reason why people can be drawn towards it. There are also artists, who take hints of creativity from other artists and consider it an honor that they are getting a chance to replicate the work of their muse. For example, many artists in the world have been inspired by other artists, holding them in high regard and have marketed themselves as such.

As creating any artwork requires conscious effort, a lot of artists have said that their inspiration comes from within. However, how the inspirational process can be utilized in art learning does seem to be a mystery for many people. Inspiration or being inspired in art creation or learning can also be taken from other influential elements such as culture, history, nature, tradition, idea, religion, imagination and even creativity. Inspiration triggers an artist to try and find out more about art and its intriguing processes to create something of value. Inspiration in the art can simply be perceived as a feeling which overtakes or activates positive vibes and energy within someone. That someone then is intrigued by it and tries to learn or do something more about it. Can artists be inspired, motivated to intrigued about something such as nature, religion, history, culture or tradition? Would they draw something relating to it then?

Drawing Inspiration from Other Creative Works

Artists around the world can be strongly influenced or inspired by their encounters with the world. They actively make use of such encounters, like seeing the sunset, or looking at how birds fly, and then create art around it. For example, if they go somewhere beautiful and it inspires an artist to capture it in some way, they might even draw something like the visual with entirely different colors and shade as they instead of making a realistic scenery. The creation of artwork can also be inspired by personal experiences or such type of incidents. For example, if a child shows interest in art-making from a young age, and if they get enrolled in an art school, they learn and get inspired by others’ creative artworks. They gain inspiration and acquire knowledge from other artists and their creative works.

Inspiration from Inner Self

Inspiration for an artist usually comes from getting inspired by something. Especially in art education, creation and learning, students learn from others’ artworks, the processes involved in it, and how they were moved to create something so beautiful. They are then motivated to create something beautiful in either by finding inspiration in nature or by acquiring knowledge from other creators and their works. It can involve other creative elements such as images, products or ideas. A lot of people can also be inspired by their experiences with art. For example, a remarkable artist Carole Feuerman, was able to get inspired by spray painting a house which her grandfather built. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to be an artist as her spray colors inspired her, even though she wasn’t sure what kind of artist she would be, she knew that her world revolved around creativity. Thanks to her grandpa, as he helped her identify her passion and enhance her skills, she finally became a sculptor.

Her book, ‘My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy’teaches us a lot about how artists can be stimulated to take inspiration from different encounters in their lives or even from their personal experiences. As a passionate devotee of art and creativity, Carole Feuerman as an artist was able to define and explore her passion and got to where she is today. Her book teaches us a lot about art and creativity and can help other people who are considering becoming artists themselves.

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