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Raising self-confident kids is one of the greatest aims of the parents.  Focusing on developing their competence, skills, and a strong sense of self-confidence provides a solid foundation for their learning and development. Moreover, it improves their health and psychological well-being. Knowing how to encourage your child and staying clued in on what to say when they look to you for guidance means a lot to grow kids. It helps them to trust their abilities and discover their potentials. It implies parents to keep motivating and encourage their children from a young age to make efforts for the things, as they may not be physically or mentally ready to try.

Parents want their children to be the best at everything. They want them to be smarter than any other child. They want them to do things sooner than other children. They convince their children to take chances by saying things like, “You can do it!” “It’s easy!” “Don’t be afraid!” “Just try one, “I know you can do it!”  Even if they fail, they keep on elevating their spirit and encourage themselves to try again. With time and encouragement, all children overcome their fears. They begin to develop their self-belief in themselves. They are convinced that they can do anything. They are full of confidence in their abilities. The words of encouragement from other immediate and extended family, relatives, and friends boost their stronger sense to accomplish their desired goals. Even when children become adults, they look up to their parents for guidance at every turn and juncture of their life. They hope that their parents will give them the best advice they gave them during their childhood. They count on their parents for their future success and relate to them as the best role model in their life.

Some ideas to nurture your child’s self-confidence

  • Strengthen your child’s sense of his family, culture, and community. For example, show your child family photos and share family stories, take part in community or cultural events like religious festivals, and encourage your child join a local sporting club or interest group or join as a family
  • Encourage your child to value being part of your family. One way to do this is by involving your child in chores. When everyone contributes to the smooth running of the household, you all feel important and valued
  • Encourage your child to have friends over to your house, and make time for your child to go to their houses
  • When you spend quality time with your child, you let your child know that they are important. Doing things together as a family can help strengthen a sense of belonging and togetherness in your family, which is also good for your child’s self-esteem
  • Develop family rituals such as a story at bedtime, a special goodbye kiss, or other ways of doing things special to your family. Let your child help you with house chores. For example, your preschooler could help you set the table for dinner
  • Plan some regular one-on-one time with your child, doing the things they enjoy the most. This could be their hobby, playing sports, baking cakes, or cooking a favorite dish

Appreciating their achievements helps them feel good. A statement such as, ‘Well done!’ can build their self-esteem. Continuous support and acknowledgment enhance their self-belief that paves the way towards attaining bigger goals in life.

Teach your child that failing is a part of learning. If they face a problem, encourage them to think calmly, listen to other people’s points of view, and develop possible solutions to try. It builds their decision-making skills and helps them to choose wisely.

Keep special reminders of your child’s successes and progress. You can go through them with your child and talk about your special memories and the things he has achieved.

To know more about how children can build their self-confidence to achieve their loftiest goals and passions in life, read the book ‘My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy’  by Carole Feuerman.  As an artist, she was able to define and explore her passion since childhood because of how her parents raised her. The book teaches us that if you want to be successful, you have to believe in yourself. You must have confidence in yourself and make an effort to achieve your milestones in life.

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