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Creating art is something that belongs to everyone. Anyone who wants to test their imagination to create art is welcome to do so with an open mind and an open heart. Art can easily be learned, and some people are even born with the talent of creating or making art.

The field of art is very diverse, and there are many different forms of art. To name a few, there are paintings, photography, sculpture making, digital animation, acting, and much more. In simple words, art can be an idea, an imagination, an expression, or a representation of history or culture. For most people, art is taken as an idea that belongs to everyone. It can be found in any culture or history in any era, and then an artist brings it in a physical form.

The Importance of Art in the Eyes of an Artist

 Artists can use their talents or creativity by using emotions, color aesthetics, or psychological thoughts that they encounter in life. They are good at keeping their thoughts aligned while creating art from a simple thought process. Most artists can make the best use of their emotions and aesthetic sense to create art, which can be astonishing and appealing at the same time. Many can learn much about art by practicing it. For some, it comes naturally to them. Practice and lessons learned in the pursuit of art can easily educate you about the important things in artistic creativity and make you a better artist.

Art is not Separate from Life Itself

 Most people fail to understand that art is not separate from life. Almost everything that we experience in life is an expression of art. For example, the color shades we see in clouds, the sea, trees, flowers, landscapes, and even nature can teach us a lot about art and its creativity. Art is even in the very description of ourselves and even in the lives that we lead. Many artists have been creating art in paintings, photography, materials, objects, architecture, sculptures, and much more. Still, they are intrigued to find out more about its phenomenon. Most artists worldwide are trained to learn the important things in artistic creativity, but some are born with a natural tendency to learn and discover the creative things in art and follow their passion. Many would go an extra mile and beyond their limitations to pursue their passion in art, just like Carole Feuerman did to learn about art and create real look-alike sculptures of dancers, swimmers, and many more.

Learning about Creativity in Air

It is necessary for an artist to learn how to achieve creativity in art from a professional art school. They can learn about art education, history, culture, different famous artists in the past, and what distinguished them from contemporary artists. They can also reflect on how they understand art and its creativity, which is an extension of our daily culture and life. Artists need to realize that art is everywhere around them to see and perceive it from a different in-depth perspective. For naturally gifted artists, they have a different way of seeing and analyzing art. The way they see it, make it, look at it is ever-evolving.

It is also important for the artist to understand that art transforms itself with every passing era, culture, and history, especially in making and representing itself. It is always important for an artist to learn, analyze, search, know, and doubt on achieving creativity in art itself. One needs to understand the details and processes of art creation intimately. That is why imitation has always been an integral part of art creation. As for the artists, they need to assimilate and combine their psychological, aesthetical, and emotional senses and then organize them to create art to give meaning to it. It requires skill and practices for an artist to do that. However, once an artist learns how to achieve that, there is no stopping them from creating the most amazing art piece.

To know and learn about art creativity’s important things, read the book ‘My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy’ by the famous artist Carole Feuerman. This book is really for anyone who cares about art and inspires to be an artist. Carole Feuerman, the artist and author of the book ‘My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy,’ explains how she got inspired to become an artist. She learned about art and how it enriches our being.

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