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Sculpture has not really received the attention it deserves compared to painting, photography, and modern art. Even intellectuals and philosophers of art do not recognize how difficult it is to make a sculpture. Sculpture stands out in its own classical and contemporary forms. Those who make it, know how difficult and delicate it is to make sculpture and especially figurative sculpture. People over the years have raised questions about its ontology, representation, and person character. Thus they should truly appreciate the painstaking process it takes to make a truly remarkable sculpture art worth admiration.

The History of Sculpture Art

Before the 20th century, sculpture art was widely received and admired by people, especially in the Vatican City of Rome, where different sculptures portrayed angels and demons for the representation of religion. It became more than a tradition as all sculptures in the western world where the representation of celebrities. More and more sculptures began to be made as freestanding works of art. As its progression grew, sculptures were made on famous old buildings and altarpieces. Sculptures are mostly made out of durable materials such as stone, bronze,  plaster, and wood.

Much Deserved Recognition

As modern forms of art began to make their mark in photography, materialism, and digital works, sculpture began to slow down over the years. Many sculptural  statues and abstract works of Barbara Hepworth and Louise Nevelson are still appreciated but represented imaginary objects. The most intriguing thing about sculpture is that it represents a world of its own. A single sculpture can define a whole story, whether it is an imaginary object, a historical figure, or a celebrity.

They are even famous for describing an environment, as we explore the meaning through them. Some sculptures can even tell secret coded messages or mysteriously point at something of importance, as shown in famous movies like National treasure and Angels and Demons. However, the treatment and the making of a sculpture is exceptionally delicate and expensive. Many people aim to distinguish the traditional divisions and importance of sculptures from paintings and architecture. Some have even discredited it as performance art. However, sculptures are more than just figurative statues or three-dimensional non-art objects. They define a whole new meaning of art by their complex contours and should be held in high regard and admired and appreciated.

Sculptures should be distinguished separately from other forms of art, as some of them represent historical traditions, information, and practices of the previous era. There is a sense of nostalgia attached to them, as they can give the pleasure of view and touch.  Contemporary sculpture is an important contribution to our life today. To learn more about the importance of sculpture, it is better to read the book ‘My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy’ by the famous artist Carole Feuerman. As a renowned artist, she has made some interesting and modernistic sculptures and has given an in-depth view and perception of art and how she became an artist. She also provides her best interpretation of how she came to know about her passion for art and understand it deeply. Her book is a must-read for all the artists around the world.

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