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Some people believe that many artists lead punishing lives, as they need to invest their skills, planning, money, time, and principles to a greater extend. Some might even not be recognized or appreciated in the way that they expect. It is incredibly important that you understand that artists are talented than you could ever imagine. They can easily give their imagination or thought a real picture and draw it as a painting or canvas. Their life can be hard, but only they know what to make out of it. They can understand our culture, our traditions, and our history more than we could. They are more like scientists. The only difference is that scientist experiments with different theories and natural elements; artists experiment with their thoughts, ideas, imagination, thinking, and colors. Lots and lots of colors. With effective colors, they could draw some very important aspects of our life and invoke a sensation in our very thoughts.

The Creativity of an Artist

When an artist works beyond what is usually the norm, they start to question their own assumptions that anyone else hasn’t questioned. They question their own thoughts and ideas and then generate creativity. They can easily blend a lot of colors to give shape to their creativity. An artist can look around and take inspiration from every object, every surface, every scene, and color, even from a situation that may appear interesting to them. As artists will never stop learning about art, they would never stop thinking about blending creativity in their work. As the field of art has now stretched into many different forms and types, an artist can easily get confused on how to work on so many different things. The artistic process works on the questions of art, culture, tradition, and their own thought-processes.

The World and its Problems being Solved by Art and Artists

As we know, the world has many problems like scarcity, poverty, hunger, economic conditions, and globalization. Many of these severe problems even question our thought of mind and culture. Many of us would ignore such problems and live our life, but an artist sees these problems differently. Though they cannot do much to change it, they still like to give it a picture or create something out of it, just so that people would at least see it and do something about it collectively. With the artist’s work, the general audience can question their own thoughts about how they are playing their part in the world. That is what an artist does; they invoke thought of reasoning in people. They contribute new knowledge to the world’s cultural realm with their artworks and force people to think about it.

To make someone think about anything other than themselves is difficult, but an artist does it with creativity and a blend of different colors. As we live in a full of color, images, pictures, language, videos, stories, music, and diversification of cultures and traditions, an artist is a person to bring out the positivity of such things and make something out of them. The artist can then motivate a reason of thought regarding the culture, spiritual, political, emotional, or even economic aspect of our world.

As complex and sophisticated artists can be, there is a lot we can learn about them from the book ‘My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy’, which is written by a remarkable artist Carole Feuerman. In her book, she has given her life account of what inspired her to become an artist and share her ideas about the shape of reality through real people sculptures of models and swimmers. Her book can teach a lot about art and artists and is a must-read book for all young artists out there who are willing to make their mark in the world of art.

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