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Acting on the idea of bringing it to realization requires a maximum effort of courage and self-confidence. Carole Feuerman and Richie Nuzz, the founders of 1Moore Studio, made their dream of having a recording studio come true. 1Moore Studios is a highly sought-after recording studio in Brooklyn, New York. It is a studio that aims to be the best place for all forms of musicians and creators that has 3 top-notch studios, a podcast studio, a studio, and a loft for videos and photos.  

Their studios can be rented by the hour and act as a creative agency for artists and brands. Let’s dive in and get acquainted with the creative minds behind 1Moore Studios.  

World-renowned hyperrealistic sculptor Carole Feuerman is the first mind behind the magnificent studio and has built a status for being one of the best in gaming over the years. During her time, she persevered and rose to prominence as an influential and respected female artist in a predominantly male-dominated field. The veteran’s dream for 1Moore Studios? is for it to be an imaginative haven for all forms of artists. She enjoys having her specialized creative environment and hopes to extend it to other artists.  

Richie Nuzz took over 1Moore Studios at the top. A relative of Carole, he has extensive experience in the music industry, having lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta before making music and reaching millions of fans worldwide. Most importantly, he is Carole’s companion. Richie is also the mastermind, founder, and CEO of an artist messaging app called Blossom.Im. It is a web-based application that allows artists across the country to connect directly with their fans and build personal one-on-one relationships. 

As these two dynamic minds with deep knowledge of different industries come together and continue to create and expand 1Moore Studios, it strives to become one of the most popular game studios. Carole Feuerman and Richie Nuzz have built something extremely beautiful at 1Moore Studios and are looking to expand further over the year. 

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