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Survival of Serena, 38 x 84 x 32 inches, Patinated Epoxy with Crystals, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Feuerman Sculptures, Sea Idylls, at the Seaportt

May 12, 2024 – November 31, 2024

Seaport, New York


Experience the awe-inspiring world of Caro le Feuerman’s monumental sculptures as they grace the vibrant streets of Manhattan’s Seaport. Nestled within the bustling cityscape, the exhibition titled “Sea Idylls” showcases five of Feuerman’s magnificent works, previously adorning the prestigious Park Avenue in Murry Hill.

Renowned for her Superrealist style, Feuerman has meticulously honed her craft over the past five decades. Her sculptures possess an uncanny resemblance to living beings, rendering them almost indistinguishable from actual people, were it not for their imposing or miniature proportions. Often capturing women in serene, meditative poses adorned with glistening water droplets, the sculptures at the Seaport deviate from this characteristic feature. Instead, they engage with their surroundings, inviting the rain to caress their surfaces and breathe life into their forms.

Feuerman’s artistic prowess carves out a distinctive niche within the art world. While other superrealist sculptors exist, she stands alone in her ability to create pieces suitable for outdoor display. Enduring the whims of wind and rain, she meticulously preserves the illusion of lifelike skin—an accomplishment achieved through years of relentless experimentation and refinement.

One of Feuerman’s captivating works, “Survival of Serena,” stands proudly at the end of Pier 17. With the majestic Brooklyn Bridge as her backdrop and the Hudson River flowing behind her, she patiently awaits your arrival, beckoning you to capture a remarkable selfie in her presence. Another masterpiece, “Justice,” presents a poised woman in a graceful lotus pose, perched upon a gleaming, polished stainless steel sphere. As you gaze upon it, the sculpture mirrors both your own reflection and the surrounding environment. Feuerman herself relished the sight of a group of schoolchildren who couldn’t resist reaching out to touch the beguiling sphere, their excitement fueling her artistic passion.

Step into Feuerman’s realm and discover the artistry that blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination. You are cordially invited to immerse yourself in the captivating “Sea Idylls” exhibition at the Seaport from now until the end of November.

Justice, 112 x 86 x 86 inches, Patinated Bronze & Stainless-Steel, 2023

What’s to come:

Looking ahead to the summer, Feuerman eagerly anticipates the installation of her latest creation, “The Diver,” near the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. This extraordinary piece will grace the city during the much-anticipated Olympics and Paralympics, captivating visitors from around the world. Meanwhile, she prepares for an exciting European book tour, where she will proudly sign her latest monograph published by Rizzoli and written by Demetrio Paparoni. Furthermore, a documentary highlighting her remarkable journey is currently in the works, offering a glimpse into the world she inhabits. It will be released in 2025.



Emmanuel Oliver, Director

Galleries Bartoux

114 Wooster St, New York, NY

(646) 454-0647

My art is officially included in the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics in Paris, France

An Exclusive Look Into A Renowned Sculptor’s Life
The Carole Feuerman Story

When you talk about art, Carole Feuerman is a name that personifies it literally. She is one of her generation’s best sculptors and has immense respect from all her peers and contributors alike. Those from her era know of her very well through her grand exhibitions, and it just so happens that she is a leading figure of inspiration for many upcoming sculptors of this era.

So, what makes her so great? Or, even better yet, why is she one of the biggest names in the industry?

There are several reasons she is at such a high level of stardom. And just like many big-name celebrities, Carole has a very inspiring story of her own to earn the amount of praise and spotlight she gets everywhere she goes. Moreover, the world can now know all about her through her new book, For My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy.

Written by Carole herself, For My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy is a two-edition book highlighting all the candidness that very few people know about. The first edition will talk about herself, how she got into making sculptures, her struggles to survive the odds through balance, perseverance, and independence to fulfill her true calling, and her life from there onwards. In comparison, the second edition will talk more about how she perfected her sculpturing and how it got her successful and recognized in some of the world’s biggest art exhibitions while advising the newer generation on how they achieve success in any art form.

For My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy isn’t the first time Carole Feuerman has published a book. Besides writing her biography in For My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy, Carole has also written Carole A. Feuerman: 50 Years of Looking Good, Carole Feuerman: Swimmers, Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture, and Carole A. Feuerman: La Scultura Incontra la Realta.

You can get your copy of For My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy today from any online store and be blown away by the life of a legendary artist.

About Carole:

New York-based artist Carole A. Feuerman is one of the three founding members of the hyperrealist movement that began in the late 1970s and continues into the present. She is the only woman to sculpt in this style. Her career is highlighted by iconic figurative works of swimmers and dancers. She has taught, lectured, and given workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum. In 2011, she founded the Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation. Her artworks are owned by thirty museums, as well as in the collections of the City of Peekskill, New York, the City of Sunnyvale, California, Former President and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Frederic R. Weisman Art Foundation, Dr Henry Kissinger, the Michael Gorbachev Art Foundation, Mr. Steven A. Cohen, Andrea Bocelli, Maluma, Alexandre Grendene Bartelle, and the Malcolm Forbes Magazine Collection.

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