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In this intimate, honest memoir, I aim to educate my readers about my successes and my journey to survive the odds. Through balance and perseverance, I have learned how to become successful, follow their dreams, and live a rewarding life. This updated version brings my readers to 2022 and tells more details that I didn’t say in the first version.

Whether by finding new work, achieving financial success, or contemplating failure, fear has a special place in our emotional lives. By compulsion, our minds are designed to let fear in; without it, we would never survive. But how does a person fulfill their goals and keep anxiety away? Conquering fear is about self-awareness and understanding our inner strengths. Through the course of my life, I’ve learned how to handle adversity. You can read what I have done to become successful and happy.




L’EREDITÀ DI UNA VITA IPERREALISTA di Carole A. Feuerman racconta una storia di resilienza e di lotta con sé stessi e con il mondo esterno per raggiungere l’impossibile. Basato sulla storia vera di Carole, descrive con vivida precisione gli alti e i bassi del suo viaggio verso il successo e come, nel corso della sua vita, l’arte sia sempre stata la sua salvezza.



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