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Nowadays, traditional artwork has triumphed with the modern form of art, digital artwork. Many artists are beginning to learn and show their skills through software and drawing sketches with a digital pen. However, digital artwork can take several forms, including photography, charts, graphs, artistic diagrams, and much more. Nowadays, you can create artwork with a camera, scanner, or even imaging or editing software, rather than using your hand. Universities have begun to teach how they use creative software rather than artist practice drawing or sketches.

As more and more digital artworks have started to take their place in marketing and advertising, traditional artwork’s value is slowly diminishing. Traditional artworks have been developed, transformed, and varied through the stages of history and culture. They represent various cultures and civilizations before us through paintings, sculptures, architecture, stone works, and much more. However, as art is growing more advanced and sophisticated with the use of digital software and computer programs, and the world is witnessing rapid developments in all spheres of life, people need more sophistication and modernism in art. In the old days, it was all about the skill and craft of an artist, the way they drew and made the best use of their hand and mind to draw or make unique pieces of artwork, nowadays more and more people want to make it easily without wasting much time on it. They rush creativity with the use of software applications, as the trend is becoming more fast-paced.

The Use of Art Related Software Applications

With the use of software applications to draw art, it can influence more means of creativity, as you would be able to use a diverse range of color codes, draw simplistic or complex shapes or line within a matter of seconds, and have specialized materials and tools right in front of your computer screens. With tremendous developments in software applications, anyone can draw digital artworks to make them look appealing. It can easily bring about changes in the composition, color, or change the whole aspect of digital artwork and redraw what needs to be changed with just a few clicks. More with the revolutionized form of art, more and more people can integrate electronic sensors, lasers, digital pen, and green screens to make art look more compelling.

With the use of software applications and modern digital artworks, many artists have gotten involved who weren’t skilled with their hand in drawing or sketching. It has also enabled artists to enter into a new paradigm of art. On this new stage, an artist can replace their manual or traditional skills and use their imagination or references in a contemporary manner.

Sophistication in the Field of Creativity

As a result of technological contributions in digital hardware and software, artists are now doing innovative and distinctive aesthetic experiments to create more complex artworks. First, they draw or sketch it with their computer applications, give it a complex blueprint form, and then go for the real thing. Such software tools and applications have become sources to satisfy their artistic desires, dependent upon learning the software application to know its full limitations and capabilities. Some are calling the use of software applications the development of another form of digital creativity.

The best way to learn the practical example is to read the book ‘My Hyperrealist Life and Legacy’ by aspiring artist Carole FeuermanCarole Feuerman is a renowned and inspirational artist who marveled in the traditional form of art and learned the modern use of art and has made sophisticated modern sculptures of swimmers and models, which is truly an awe-inspiring work of art.

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